Services for permanently safe lifting equipment

The WIMO Hebetechnik team will support you throughout every phase of deployment of load-lifting devices in your company – from the initial request to site visits and individual plans, development and production, right through to regular maintenance and inspection.

When it comes to customer support, we place just as much value on faultless processes as we do in the production of our lifting equipment. We will make various kinds of information available for you to download and are available to contact directly at all times.

Expert inspection and maintenance service

After the development and production of our lifting equipment, we will be on hand to help you optimise your operational processes. In accordance with Occupational Safety Regulations DGUV rule 109-017, chapter 8 („Betreiben von Lastaufnahmemitteln und Anschlagmitteln im Hebezeugbetrieb“ – Operation of load-lifting devices in lifting operations), lifting equipment must undergo an annual inspection by an expert. We recommend that this inspection be conducted by WIMO® because as the manufacturer we can offer the greatest technical expertise when it comes to assessing the condition of your product, performing maintenance and repairing it if necessary.

You will also enjoy a number of important benefits. You will receive all of the services from a single source right from the outset (design, production, documentation, service). In addition, WIMO® experts have many years of experience in the inspection, maintenance and repair of load-lifting devices. For you, this means that the maintenance service saves time and money. Generally, our technicians are able to replace faulty components on-site so that faults can be resolved (where possible and feasible).


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