The conventional way to transport pallets in companies is by forklift. But a huge amount of storage capacity is lost in this process, as these mobile devices need space to manoeuvre. As a result, the stacks in many warehouses become higher and less accessible. Pallet tongs from WIMO® are a space-saving and safe solution.

Pallet tongs are a form of lifting equipment that are attached above the transported load and therefore do not require wide aisles. The load is mounted remotely by the operator, which makes transporting heavy loads extremely safe – both for the goods themselves and for the people involved in the transportation process. But pallet tongs can also be used in a fully automated design. The tong arms are adjustable on the longitudinal and lateral sides so that pallets of different sizes can be transported. Thanks to the rotating support brackets, the goods can be placed into storage or loaded onto trucks in a way that saves space. Additional weld-on hooks enable further goods to be transported.


Telescopic pallet tong with spindle drive

Telescopic pallet tong with spindle drive

and spindle drive. The pick-up claws can be rotated by 90 degrees by motor for easy positioning underneath the pallet and space-saving pallet storage. The design used here is particularly slim and all components have been designed to be as compact as possible in order to save space when storing the pallets on the truck.