The highest quality standards for safe load-lifting devices

Lifting technology solutions don’t just carry large goods – they carry great responsibility too. That is why we have a clear objective: At WIMO®, we develop load-lifting devices that transport heavy loads efficiently, carefully and safely. The transported goods should not represent a danger, particularly for the people involved.

To achieve this objective, we place maximum value on our internal processes, as well as the materials and machinery that we use. We also develop entirely new technical solutions in order to fulfil individual customer requests. For this reason, many products and product components from WIMO® are patented and available exclusively from us.

Certified and patented lifting technology

During development and production of load-lifting technology, WIMO® uses exclusively high-quality materials with factory certification and ultrasonically tested sheet metal with 3.1 test certificate in accordance with EN 10204 for safety-related components. The machinery we use also needs to meet high standards. As a matter of course, we observe machinery directives and DIN standards. This includes Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, taking into account DIN EN 13155 (up to 20,000 loading cycles) and DIN 15018 (over 20,000 loading cycles) as well as the DIN EN 13001 series.

We have also integrated a comprehensive quality management system that accompanies our operational processes from development to design and assembly. As such, WIMO Hebetechnik is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. We hold additional certification and authorisations, such as a certificate of conformity of factory production control for load-bearing components and construction sets for steel supporting structures up to EXC3 in accordance with EN 1090-2, a welding certificate for steel supporting structures in accordance with EN 1090-2:2018, execution class EXC3 or re-stamping certification for certified materials.