WIMO Sustainability

Environmental protection

We want to respect and preserve the beauty of God's creation. That is why we use natural resources responsibly and take climate change steps. Since January 2021, we have been using only green electricity, which is mainly generated from regional hydroelectric power plants.

Our products are designed for a high number of load cycles and the service life can be decades. To protect resources, we strive to use as little material as possible.

We only use durable materials and thus handle the resources we use responsibly. We avoid the use of toxic substances wherever possible. If the use of pollutants is unavoidable, we integrate components with the lowest possible pollutant content.

Examples from our sustainability strategy:

  • We have been producing documentation for customers in digital form for some time, i.e. greatly reduced paper consumption.
  • The electric drives of our machines have been designed in energy efficiency class IE3 throughout since 2021.
  • WIMO business vehicles comply with the EURO 6c emissions standard (for vehicles registered as of 01.09.2018).
  • The first hybrid vehicle was integrated into the WIMO fleet in 2021.
  • WIMO works with regional partners (processors, suppliers, etc.). We protect the environment through short transport routes.
  • The light bulbs in production have been converted to LED.
  • Older machines have been replaced by new ones for energy-efficient production: Compressor, milling portal and flame cutting machine.
  • Exclusive use of green electricity.

To successfully implement environmental protection, we need the commitment of every single employee. Starting with the separation of waste and ending with our own reflection: "Where can I use resources optimally, can I design with less material input and achieve a longer service life?” Every small step helps to achieve the big goal of preserving our world for future generations.

WIMO aims to:

  • Use existing resources efficiently
  • Reduction of the Co2 footprint
  • Reduction of climate risks along the entire value chain
  • Targeted improvements in environmental management
  • Making use of the circular economy through recycling

People and society

As a family business, we are aware of our responsibility towards employees and society. We ensure healthy working conditions and the further development of our employees. Our production processes are safe, efficient and environmentally friendly. We are committed to social, Christian and missionary projects.

The Initiative Blue Competence

We are a partner of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative. Blue Competence is an initiative of the VDMA  to promote sustainability in the mechanical and plant engineering industry, but also to provide sustainable solutions for the industry. With our partnership, we commit ourselves to adhere to the 12 sustainability guidelines of the mechanical and plant engineering industry.

Sustainability Guidelines of the Mechanical Engineering Industry


Our comprehension of trendsetting sustainability is based on the principles of economic success, fairness, respect & responsibility and includes the dimensions of society, ecology & economy. We comprehend sustainable action in terms of the definition of the Brundtland-report1 and the definitions of the German “Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung2“.


  1. Sustainability is a crucial part of our company strategy.
  2. We create solid business schemes with sustainable values and secure entrepreneurial success.
  3. Our technologies and solutions promote worldwide sustainable developments.


  1. Sustainable thinking and action are represented in our processes and products.
  2. We act with consideration of resources and stand up for climate protection.
  3. Our staff is our most valuable asset. We promote engagement and participation.
  4. We stand up for keeping the human rights.


  1. Our company is a habitat.
  2. We take responsibility in our region.
  3. We do, what we promise!


  1. We actively cultivate the network with all participants.
  2. We transparently communicate our sustainable action.

1 „Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.“ (Brundtland-report, 1987)

2Sustainable development means to consider ecological aspects equal to social and economic aspects. Therefore, sustainable economy means: For our children and grandchildren, we must leave behind us a sound ecological and economic structure.“ (Rat für Nachhaltige Entwicklung, 2001)