WIMO Hebetechnik optimises your material flow

WIMO Hebetechnik has specialised in innovative equipment for lifting, transporting and storing heavy goods for over 30 years. We develop and manufacture our lifting technology exclusively at our site in Woringen, Germany, and use high-quality materials with factory certification. For example, all of the sheet metal that we use has undergone ultrasonic testing.

The individual lifting technology solutions from WIMO® are not just durable while protecting materials and ensuring safety for transported goods and employees in the company. They offer innovative solutions for optimal transport flow. For many industrial enterprises, this is the crucial success factor in everyday production. Because heavy loads can cause delays that cost time and money.

Innovations for lighter work

Many of our products and product components are patented. Not least for this reason, we see ourselves as a leading innovator for lifting technology in the global market. With WIMO®, you transport your goods efficiently, quickly and safely – whether these goods are coils, sheet metal, blanks, rollers, slabs, pressing tools, paper rollers or other heavy objects.

Our products have been particularly tried and tested in heavy-duty application scenarios: Such as at high temperatures, in confined spaces (e.g. during loading/unloading), in particularly low halls or in extreme weather conditions. Here’s an example: Think about the process of unloading and loading a ship … the less time the ship spends at the harbour, the lower the demurrage and harbour fees will be. The right solution from WIMO® in this case might be tandem coil tongs. This makes it possible to pick up two coils at once. This halves the time needed to load and unload the ship – and the demurrage halves too.

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