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Sheet Metal Tongs from WIMO® lifting technology for efficient and safe material transport

  • Sheet metal packages of different widths and lengths
  • Several sheet metal packs can be transported at the same time
  • Transport of additional goods with welded hooks possible
  • Protection against unintentional opening of the Sheet Metal Tong under load
  • Patented guard protects against spindle jamming
  • Integrated rotating gear facilitates positioning of the sheet metal packages, e.g. when loading onto trucks

3 steps to the WIMO® Sheet Metal Tong

1. You tell us your specific requirements and wishes

2. Technical advice

3. Delivery of your desired product


Are you currently looking to expand or automate your production? Or increase the safety at work? Here you can find out why a Sheet Metal Tong from WIMO®, individually manufactured for your application situation, is worthwhile for you in several ways and will quickly pay for itself in your company.

Due to often limited storage capacities, the stacks in many warehouses are now getting higher and higher. This can, among other things, greatly restrict accessibility. The investment in a Sheet Metal Tong deters many buyers, managing directors, project managers and technicians at first. Ropes and straps seem to be cheaper for many decision-makers in industry and logistics for sheet metal package transport for the time being. And ropes and straps can be replaced relatively quickly. However, even with this transport solution, the costs add up over time. And: The transport of sheet metal packages with ropes and straps is dangerous and often leads to accidents at work and sheet metal damage! More efficient, safer for your employees and gentler on the material than transport with ropes and straps is the transport of sheet metal packages with the help of a Sheet Metal Tong. What distinguishes WIMO Hebetechnik from many other market participants: Here you do not get catalogue goods, but highly innovative solutions from the experts for special machine construction - tailor-made for your company.

Sheet Metal Tongs from WIMO® Hebetechnik

While forklift trucks require wide driveways, a Sheet Metal Tong saves space and thus valuable storage space when transporting sheet metal packages. Furthermore, the operator does not need to pull ropes or straps over the sheet metal package. With a WIMO®-Sheet Metal Tong the load can be picked up in your company by the crane operator - without an additional auxiliary person (slinger) - from a distance. The transport is fast, safe, personnel-saving, gentle on the material (even in the case of particularly long and thin sheet metal packages!) and, on request, fully automatic and therefore particularly efficient.

Longitudinally and transversely adjustable gripper arms enable the transport of sheet metal packages of different widths and lengths. Rotatable claws save space between the storage rows and allow easier positioning of the claws under the sheet metal pack. With a Sheet Metal Tong from WIMO® several sheet metal packages can be transported simultaneously - saving you time and money!

Additional weld-on hooks on the Sheet Metal Tong enable the transport of other goods. A special protective device protects the spinning drive against jamming. And a switch-off bar automatically switches off the tong arm drive - this allows the sheet metal package to be picked up gently. Load protection devices prevent the Sheet Metal Tong from opening unintentionally under load. An integrated rotating gear facilitates the positioning of the sheet metal packs, e.g. when loading them onto a truck.

„Thanks to the rotating gear, the slim tong arms and the rotating pick-up claws, trucks can be loaded and unloaded without any problems."

Sheet Metal Tongs variants of WIMO®

„With the WIMO-Sheet Metal Tong we can store much more material."

Optimise your material flow together with WIMO® lifting technology!

We adapt the required hoist exactly to your requirements. Make optimum use of your local conditions, such as crane load capacity, hall height etc.!

WIMO® Hebetechnik from Woringen is a specialist for special load handling equipment - and has been since 1987. WIMO® develops, produces and sells innovative solutions for lifting, turning, transporting and storing heavy goods.

Our durable, highly stable special machines are designed individually for your application situation in such a way that the safety of your employees is always the main focus. And of course the protection of the material during transport. These highly innovative quality products are also designed for tough applications. First-class maintenance service and competent, easily accessible contact persons are as much a part of WIMO® as the passion for technical challenges.

What loads are moved in your company?

Use our technical and practical knowledge to transport your goods as efficiently, quickly and safely as possible. By accelerating your material flow together with us and protecting your goods and your employees in the best possible way, you will build up decisive competitive advantages for your company!

"Thanks to the slender tong arms and the rotating pick-up claws, we can load and unload trucks without any problems."

Enquire now and request information

Get to know WIMO® lifting technology personally. Request more information right now without obligation - e.g. about a sheet metal packaging tongs specially designed for your company. We would also be happy to work with you to develop a suitable, innovative and holistically conceived solution to optimise the material flow in your company.


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