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Pressing Tool tongs from WIMO® Hebetechnik for increased storage capacity

  • Heavy-duty transport solution individually designed for you
  • Quick tool change
  • Safe for your employees and gentle on the transported goods
  • Enables transport of tools of different widths and lengths
  • Several tools can be transported simultaneously
  • Operator no longer needs to pull ropes or straps over the tool
  • Facilitates tool positioning in the warehouse and increases your storage capacity
  • Personnel savings - fully automatic tool transport possible

3 steps to the WIMO® Pressing Tool Tong

1. You tell us your specific requirements and wishes

2. Technical advice

3. Delivery of your desired product

Pressing Tool tongs from WIMO® Hebetechnik

Are you facing a technical challenge with tool tongs? Would you like to prevent a failure with predictive maintenance of your press tools? Is your storage capacity dwindling? Or do you feel the desire to increase work safety in your company? Here you can find out why a pressing tool tong from WIMO® Hebetechnik, which is individually manufactured for your application situation, is worthwhile for your company in several ways and quickly pays for itself when in use.

The transport of tools plays an important role in the automotive industry. Whenever new models are released, tools must be replaced. And to ensure the high quality of pressed car parts, companies in the automotive industry and their suppliers have to maintain their tools frequently. As so often, the motto "time is money" applies here too - tools should be replaced as quickly and safely as possible. Due to an ever-increasing variety of tools and limited storage capacity, tools in automotive plants often have to be stacked. This can severely restrict accessibility for the worker. Tools are often transported using ropes and straps, and at first glance this seems relatively cheap. The investment in a tool gripper initially discourages many decision-makers. But what is often overlooked: Tool transport with ropes and straps is very dangerous and often leads to industrial accidents and material damage! A pressing tool tong from WIMO® is much safer for your employees, gentler on the material and more efficient than tool transport with ropes and straps. In contrast to many market participants, WIMO® Hebetechnik does not supply you with catalogue products, but highly innovative solutions from the experts for special machine construction - developed to fit the application situation in your company.

Pressing Tool tongs from WIMO® Hebetechnik

With one of our tool tongs, your tool transport is fast, safe and extremely gentle:

A WIMO® tool gripper is equipped with longitudinally and transversely adjustable gripper arms. These enable the gripping of tools both on their longitudinal and frontal side. And thus the transport of tools of very different widths and lengths.

Additional welded hooks can also be used to transport other goods. One WIMO® tool tong can also transport several tools at the same time - this saves your company time and money!

It goes without saying that WIMO® tool tongs handle your tools with care so that you do not have to fear any damage. The hoist developed by us will be adapted exactly to your requirements. Thus, your local conditions - such as crane load capacity, hall height etc. - can be optimally utilised. With more than 30 years of practical experience with special load handling attachments, we know what is important and think of everything: Load safety devices prevent unintentional opening of the tool tongs under load. An integrated rotating gear facilitates the positioning of tools in the warehouse.

Our heavy load transport solutions also save on personnel costs. Fully automatic tool transport and storage is thus possible.

Pressing tool tongs variants from WIMO®

„With the WIMO®-tool tong, we can now store tools in three layers.“


Optimise your material flow together with WIMO® lifting technology!

WIMO Hebetechnik from Woringen has specialised in special load handling equipment since 1987. WIMO® develops, produces and sells innovative solutions for lifting, turning, transporting and storing heavy goods.

The special machines developed by us are durable, highly stable and are individually designed for your application situation. This means that the safety of your employees and the protection of the material during transport are of prime importance. Quality products from WIMO® are also designed for particularly tough applications. A first-class maintenance service and competent, easily accessible contact persons characterize WIMO Lifting Technology as much as the passion for technical challenges.

Which goods are transported in your company?

By accelerating your material flow together with us and protecting your goods and your employees in the best possible way, you will build up decisive competitive advantages for your company. That's why: Use our technical and practical know-how and transport your goods as efficiently, quickly and safely as possible.

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