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Crane hook block from WIMO®: Innovative lifting technology that optimises your material flow

  • Customised solutions - designed for your individual needs
  • Unique worldwide: combination of rotating hooks and lifting technology
  • 24 months warranty
  • 4.0-capable
  • Suitable for automatic operation
  • Individual adaptation to existing crane technology
  • Motorised jaw trap operation without manual assistance
  • Material flow professional: Over 30 years of experienc
  • WIMO® complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC in compliance with DIN EN 13155 (up to 20,000 load cycles) and DIN 13001 (over 20,000 load cycles); depending on the crane classification, over 2,000,000 load cycles can be achieved
  • WIMO® uses only high-quality materials and ultrasonically tested plates with 3.1 acceptance test certificate according to EN 10204 for safety-relevant components.

3 steps to the WIMO®-Crane hook block

1. You tell us your specific requirements and wishes

2. Technical advice

3. Delivery of your desired product

Crane hook block from WIMO®: robust, durable and designed precisely for your needs

Are you just buying a new crane or modernising your crane system? Do you need a rotatable crane hook block? Or a crane hook block with lifting device?

Then you have come to the right place at WIMO® Hebetechnik. Because with most suppliers you receive hook blocks in standardised form (catalogue goods). This is exactly what sets WIMO® apart from the others. As a specialist in special machine construction, we produce and sell highly innovative solutions for lifting, transporting and storing heavy goods that are precisely tailored to your needs. Each of our crane hook blocks is specially designed for an individual application.

Reliable quality products - designed for your business

WIMO® crane hook blocks are also designed for tough applications. ... such as high-temperature applications. For this purpose, we reinforce our hook blocks with a special heat plate. And with the help of an automatic jaw opening, we make it possible to deposit things at great heights - without having to do it manually. The position of the jaw opening can be displayed visually (patent pending).

A WIMO® hook block protects your material during transport and your employees from accidents at work.

Crane hook block variants from WIMO® Hebetechnik

Faster and safer material flow – with a crane hook block from WIMO®

Investing in a crane hook block from WIMO® Hebetechnik is certainly worthwhile for you. Because as you know, breakdowns and failures in lifting technology can cause unpleasant delays that cost time and money. For this reason, it makes sense to optimise the material flow in your company (as quickly, safely and gently as possible). A crane hook block from WIMO® supports you in this. In addition, it can rotate and lift your material. And it saves you maintenance costs!

Is a fast and safe material flow also a decisive success factor for your company in everyday production?

Then WIMO® can help you gain decisive competitive advantages. We supply industry-specific lifting technology solutions that are adapted for your specific application. If you are in the process of automating your operation, WIMO® is the right partner for you.

"If only everything worked so reliably ..."

Enquire now and request information

Request more information about our crane hook blocks without obligation and get to know us personally. If you wish, we can work with you to optimise the material flow in your company.


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