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The WIMO® Coil Tong transports your material quickly and safely to its destination

  • Innovative solutions - designed to fit your individual needs
  • Particularly narrow or robust design depending on the application
  • 24 months warranty guarantee
  • 4.0 capable
  • Suitable for automatic operation
  • Patented safety device protects spindle against jamming
  • Hinged prongs: Ideal where space is limited
  • Material flow professional: Over 30 years of experience
  • Already more than 1,000 WIMO Coil Tongs in use worldwide!
  • WIMO® complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC under consideration of DIN EN 13155 (up to 20,000 load cycles) and DIN 13001 (over 20,000 load cycles), depending on the crane classification over 2,000,000 load cycles can be achieved
  • WIMO® uses only high-quality materials and ultrasonically tested sheets with 3.1 inspection certificate according to EN 10204 for safety-relevant components.

3 steps to the WIMO® Coil Tong

1. You tell us your specific requirements and wishes

2. Technical advice

3. Delivery of your desired product

Coil Tongs / Coil grabs from WIMO® Hebetechnik

What challenges are you facing? Automation? High-temperature use in a steel mill, tight spaces when loading and unloading ships or trucks, a low hall or extreme weather conditions? The highly innovative quality products from WIMO® Hebetechnik are also designed for tough applications.

Coil Tongs / Coil grabs from WIMO® Hebetechnik 

are specially designed for your individual application. Our claim: Your material is transported quickly and gently and people are protected from accidents. The stable construction of our Coil Tongs ensures a long service life.

A fast and safe material flow is the decisive success factor in everyday production for many industrial companies

Unloading, loading, storing and stacking - with Coil Tongs from WIMO® Hebetechnik you can make your material flow extremely efficiently. This saves you space, time and money. The load is picked up quickly and gently. With our foldable gripping claws, for example, you need considerably less distance between the coil rows. For steel works and ports, we supply specially developed versions that are adapted to your requirements. And if you automate your operation, WIMO® lifting technology is the right professional at your side. We supply innovative, high-quality and precisely fitting material flow solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

Coil Tongs variants and additional equipment from the material flow professional

Rational, fast and safe - optimise your material flow with WIMO® !

The investment in a Coil Tong from WIMO® Hebetechnik will certainly pay off for you. Because as a managing director, technician, project manager or purchaser you know: heavy loads can cause unpleasant delays which cost time and money. Just think of unloading and loading ships: The shorter the time a ship is in port, the lower the port dues. For this reason, we have developed, for example, a tandem coil tong, which can take two coils at once, thus halving the laytime.

What loads are moved in your company and what challenges must be taken into account? Whether coils, sheets, blanks, rolls, slabs, press tools or other heavy things - with the know-how of WIMO® Hebetechnik you can transport your goods as efficiently, quickly and safely as possible. Accelerate your material flow together with us, protect your goods and your employees - this means decisive competitive advantages for you!

"Our Coil Tong from WIMO® has been in trouble-free use for many years."

Enquire now and request information

Ask for more information about our Coil Hook without obligation and get to know us personally. If you wish, we can work with you to develop a suitable, innovative and holistic solution to optimise the flow of materials in your company.


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