Turning units

Sheet metal tongs are used in many different branches of industry and placed in storage for further processing. If necessary, the heavy sheet metal is transported within the production process to the intended place of use. Sheet metal tongs from WIMO® are a custom-designed heavy goods transportation solution for this task.

The arms of the sheet metal tongs are adjustable on the longitudinal and lateral side, which enables sheet metal of different lengths and widths to be transported. The rotating support brackets are easy to position underneath the heavy load. The rotating support brackets also make it possible to use the equipment in confined spaces. This lifting technology solution from WIMO® makes it possible to transport multiple sheet metal packages at the same time. Thanks to the additional weld-on hooks on the sheet metal tongs, additional goods can also be transported. While forklifts require a lot of space, transporting sheet metal using tongs saves valuable storage space. The crane driver alone is responsible for mounting the load, with no additional person. An integrated slewing gear makes positioning easier, such as when loading goods onto a truck.