Coil tongs

In many industrial enterprises, coils need to be transported, turned and placed into storage while raised. This needs to be done in a way that is as protective as possible for the materials and as safe as possible for employees. WIMO Hebetechnik offers innovative and durable heavy load transportation solutions for this purpose.

Coil tongs from WIMO® enable safe and rapid transportation and allow coils to be turned and placed into storage. Like all WIMO® products, all coil tongs are custom-designed for the individual application scenario. The circumstances on-site are taken into consideration and utilised to optimal effect. This results in innovative and high-performance special-purpose designs. Our coil tongs are designed for a very long service life.


Multi-purpose tong with horizontal rotary drive system

Multi-purpose tong with horizontal rotary drive system

The four pick-up claws of the combination tongs can be moved by motor in longitudinal and transverse direction and rotated by 90 degrees. The two inner pick-up claws are designed for the transport of coils and can be folded. This means that this load handling device can also be used in confined spaces (e.g. loading and unloading lorries, wagons and freighters). Many different loads can be transported with these universal tongs. When handling sheet metal packages, palleted coils and containers, the four outer pick-up claws are used; when handling coils in horizontal axle position, the two inner pick-up claws are used.